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Social equality for people with access needs is a subject that I am passionate about. I have considerable museum and personal experience in the area.  In particular I have developed access resources, interpretation and programmes for blind, partially sighted visitors, deaf and hard of hearing visitors.  I have also organised, and responded to, access audits and researched and developed resources for dyslexic visitors. 

I can deliver introductory training about disability awareness targeted at the needs of front of house, learning and curatorial staff. Areas covered could include: 

  • Advertising your services 

  • Access forums

  • Wheelchair good practice; space and ramp regulations; wheelchair users

  • Accessible and inclusive toilets

  • Developing talks to be sign interpreted or employing deaf signers to give tours of collections

  • Developing tours and touch tours for blind and partially sighted visitors

  • Outreach talks and handling/reminiscence sessions for older learners

  • Accessible interpretation considerations including audio and printed material, fonts used, and resources for people with different learning needs and styles

  • Staff disability forums and groups

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