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I have over 15 years experience of working and consulting with different faith and cultural groups within a museum setting.  I have organised many high profile talks and weekend festivals in association with faith and cultural groups and trained guides from different heritage backgrounds to deliver tours   I can offer cultural sensitivity training to people working in the business and heritage sectors. This would cover:

  • Working with, or for, individuals or groups from different cultural or faith backgrounds

  • Practical sensitivities when working, organising events with, or providing for, people from diverse ethnic backgrounds

  • Consulting with faith groups when conserving or displaying items of important religious or cultural significance

  • Sensitivity and appropriateness of everyday language and terms and descriptions used in the documentation of museum collections

  • Introductory faith tours or talks to promote awareness, discussion and understanding


"Cultural intelligence and sensitivity are critical to communicating effectively when audiences today are so diverse, and London attracts tourists from all over the world. It takes time, patience and experience to nurture such skills. Through her work at the Victoria & Albert Museum over many years, Marilyn developed a tremendous respect for diversity, and an ability to engage and communicate compassionately. I have personally experienced this in the tours I have commissioned from Marilyn for students and visitors. The feedback has always been very positive and complimentary."

Professor Atul K Shah, author of 'Celebrating Diversity'

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